17 October 2021 – The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait  hosted the “Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar 2021” at the Philippine Embassy on 07 October 2021 as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness month this October. 
The Seminar was organized by Madam Noor Jarifah Lomondot with the assistance of the Cultural Attache Princess Conwi in coordination with the Kabayan Cancer Support Group (KCSG), Indian Doctor's Forum of Kuwait, Pinoy Ambulance Nurses in Kuwait (PANIK) and Pinoy Arabia ME.
Formed in 2015 and composed of Filipino medical professionals, the Kabayan Cancer Support Group (KCSG) assists cancer-stricken OFWs in Kuwait by easing their emotional burden, and providing them with financial and spiritual support. The Embassy, through its Assistance to Nationals Unit's (ATNU's) Medical Response Team (MRT), also receives medical and logistical support from the group in repatriating Filipino cancer patients to the Philippines.
Dr. Susovana Sujit Nair, a renowned Medical Oncologist at the Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC), was the guest speaker of the seminar. Dr. Nair, a ‘She the Change – Nari Udyami Awardee, has been a medical practitioner since 2004. She is a member of the Kuwait Medical Association, Medical Council of India, Association of Radiation Oncologist of India, Indian Doctors Forum Kuwait – Joint Secretary of Community Welfare, and Indian Association of Palliative Care. Dr. Nair has also attended many conferences in Belgium, Oman and Chicago, USA among others.
In a statement, Ambassador Mohd. Noordin Pendosina N. Lomondot welcomed the participation of the Kabayan Cancer Support Group (KCSG), Indian Doctor's Forum of Kuwait, Pinoy Ambulance Nurses in Kuwait (PANIK) and Pinoy Arabia ME in the seminar, which shows that “the spirit of pakikipagkapwa-tao within the Filipino community is alive and well in Kuwait.” 
Madam Noor Jarifah Lomondot added that “Filipinos in Kuwait have always demonstrated their willingness to lend a hand in causes and projects that benefit their fellow OFWs. I thank Dr. Nair as well as the KCSG and PANIK for helping the Embassy spearhead this breast cancer awareness campaign. I also thank Ms. Maxxie Santiago of Pinoy Arabia ME for covering the seminar live to create breast cancer awareness among our kababayans not only in Kuwait but also other places overseas that your program can reach”. 
The participants were composed mostly of female Embassy personnel. Dr. Nair highlighted the importance of regular check-ups, regular self- breast examination and spreading information on breast cancer. She firmly emphasized to everyone that ‘Early detection, Better cure’. 
The seminar also underlined the importance of breast cancer awareness among Filipinas, since it is the leading type of cancer among women in the Philippines. Ms. Bernadette Sotelo-Gayares of KCSG informed the participants that most Filipino women consult a physician only when the cancer is in its advanced stage (Stage 4), when the survival rate is only around 20 percent. In addition, many of the disease’s risk factors—including obesity, drinking alcohol, smoking, and family history—are present among Filipinas with breast cancer. 
The seminar concluded with the awarding of certificate of appreciation to Dr. Nair and to the Kabayan Cancer Support Group (KCSG) by Madam Lomondot. 
As part of its duty to ensure the welfare and well-being of overseas Filipinos in Kuwait with illness, the Embassy’s ATNU’s MRT regularly undergo trainings, webinars and workshops to increase their knowledge in the field of medicine. The Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar is important since the Embassy provides logistical and financial assistance to Filipinos who are confined in Kuwaiti hospitals. END