Assistance-to-Nationals or ATN is considered the third pillar of Philippine foreign policy, after national security and economic diplomacy. With more than 220,000 Overseas Filipinos in Kuwait, majority of whom are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), the Philippine Embassy strives to protect the rights and promote the welfare of OFWs in the Gulf state, especially the undocumented and distressed, through various ATN programs and services.

The following are the ATN services of the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait:

  • Humanitarian Pull-out of Distressed OFWs (with the assistance of Kuwaiti authorities)
  • Medical Assistance
    • Referrals to Hospitals and Clinics
    • Hospital Visits
    • Medical Repatration to the Philippines
  • Facilitation of Shipment of Human Remains and Personal Effects to the Philippines
  • Free Legal Assistance for Filipinos with Felony or Misdemeanor Cases
  • Prison and Immigration Center Visits
  • Location of Whereabouts of OFWs