Kuwait 01 September 2021:  The Medical Response Team (MRT) of the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait’s Assistance to National’s (ATN) Unit provides medical assistance to Filipinos in Kuwait amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Embassy ATN Unit’s MRT is an initiative of Ambassador Mohd. Noordin Pendosina Lomondot (who was then the Chargé d’affaires) which was assembled early 2018 to address and focus on various medical concerns of Filipinos in Kuwait.

Ambassador Lomondot in a statement said that: “The Embassy ATN Unit’s MRT is there to provide any possible assistance needed by the 223,565 strong Filipinos in Kuwait, from medical referrals to hospitals and clinics, to continuous and regular hospital visits, plus facilitation of Filipino patients’ hospital expenses and repatriation of Filipino patients to the Philippines if deemed necessary.”


Ambassador Lomondot added: “Ang Medical Response Team ng Embahada ang tumatayong tulay para malaman ang kalagayan ng mga kababayan natin na naconfine sa mga hospitals dito sa Kuwait na walang pamilya o kaibigan, sa kanilang mga kamag-anak sa Pilipinas.”

Since last year, the Embassy’s Medical Response Team visited and assisted around  300 Filipinos in Kuwait with various medical conditions like stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, fractured body parts, COVID-19 among others. The team assisted in the medical repatrition of more than 130 Filipinos back to the Philippines to join their family.


The Embassy’s Medical Response Team also referred many Filipinos to hospitals and clinics in Kuwait for medical checkup and treatment.


As part of its duty to ensure the welfare and well-being of overseas Filipinos in Kuwait with medical conditions, the Embassy’s Medical Response Team participates in medical exhibits, trainings, webinars and workshops to increase their knowledge in the field of medicine. For instance the team attended the HRMO training on COVID-19 in the Workplace: Prevention and Control by the team last 04 June 2021.


Ambassador Lomondot in a statement said: “I strongly urge our Kababayan in Kuwait to overcome their fears, listen to the real experts, and get vaccinated. The vaccines that are currently approved for use in Kuwait are highly effective in preventing severe COVID-19 cases. Let’s fight COVID-19 together.”

The Embassy has also been constantly encouraging all Filipinos in Kuwait through various platforms to get vaccinated in order to help Kuwait to achieve herd immunity, by getting vaccinated through Kuwaiti government’s mass vaccination drive.